• To promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to The University of Alabama
  • To effectively employ the talents, energies and contributions of alumni to constructive ends for
    The University of Alabama and this Association.
  • To provide a standardized organizational structure and coordinated program for alumni
  • To develop goals and coordinate the efforts aimed at their accomplishment.
  • To promote cultural, academic, and literary advancement of its members.
  • To support the President, Board of Trustees, staff, faculty and student body of the University in
    their efforts to improve the institution.
  • To publish and distribute various materials relating to the University and its alumni.
  • To arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni.
  • To assist in the recruitment of students to attend the University and to provide scholarships
    where appropriate.
  • To encourage alumni and friends of the University to generously support the institution by
    gifts, devices, and bequests.
  • To organize and promote a fund to be known as The University of Alabama Alumni Fund for
    the use and benefit of The University of Alabama and this Association.
  • To conduct any and all appropriate activities to accomplish the above objectives and purposes.

The Association strives to achieve these objectives through the following actions:

  • Serving as the coordinating and communications link between Alumni and the University.
  • Mobilizing support of Alumni for the betterment of the University through a network of
    Alumni chapters, Association committees and individual contacts.
  • Conducting targeted programs and activities designed to: strengthen the relationship between
    the University and its Alumni and friends; attract qualified students; recognize achievement and
    contributions to the University; and to heighten the sense of pride and commitment to the

Our NAA chapters achieve these objectives by:

  • Operating under an organizational structure that allows the chapter to set and achieve
  • Installing an effective and complete leadership board that employs alumni talents to
    constructively serve chapter members, the University, and the chapter’s local
  • Coordinating programs or conduct meetings that have a cultural or academic purpose
    or are meant to generate interest, loyalty or support for the University.
  • Communicating regularly with chapter members, NAA staff, and Executive Committee.
  • Collaborating with regional admissions recruiter to assist in the recruitment of students
    to attend the University.
  • Actively fundraising to endow chapter scholarship(s) provided to local students
    attending the University.