• Manage activities through chapter leadership
  • Appoint committees and chairpersons
  • Preside over meetings (act as a facilitator at formal chapter meetings)
  • Insure chapter continuity by facilitating involvement of other chapter officers
  • Prepare Chapter Yearly Plan, Annual Chapter Summary Report, Invitation Information/Meeting Agenda Form, Officer Election Update, and Financial Report with
    assistance from other officers
  • Attend Chapter Leadership Workshop or select another officer to attend.

President Elect or Vice President

  • Assist the chapter President in overall management of chapter
  • Be involved in program and event planning
  • Attend Chapter Leadership Workshop if President is unable
  • Supervise activities of committees


  • Maintain chapter records, accurate set of by-laws, and assist president in preparation of required reports
  • Take minutes of all meetings/send out notices of executive committee meetings
  • Send necessary correspondence to National Alumni Association office, including accurate chapter roster and guest lists for events


  • Prepare and send membership notices
  • Take reservations for meetings and host registration table at chapter events
  • Maintain chapter financial records
  • Report financial standing to chapter each quarter or no less than twice during a chapter year

Alumni Student Recruitment Coordinator

  • Organize local Student Recruitment activities and events
  • Work with the President to incorporate student-oriented chapter events into the yearly chapter plan
  • Coordinate volunteers for prospective student receptions in your area with regional recruiter
  • Promote Capstone Scholars Day and other UA student programs

Other Officers

  • Other chapter officers can be designated as required by chapter needs

Executive Committee Responsibilities

  • All chapter officers should be elected or appointed on an annual or bi-annual election cycle and must be active members of the National Alumni Association during their term.
  • If your chapter covers a large metro area, it may be best to have multiple Vice Presidents who represent suburb(s) or smaller geographic regions in your area.
  • All chapter officers and designated committee chairs serve on the Executive Committee and
    • act for the chapter on all matters not requiring a chapter vote, including approving any expenditures of chapter monies
    • advise the President on needed standing committees for the chapter and recommend chairpersons for these committees
    • assist in formulating a yearly chapter plan
    • declare vacancies to any elected or appointed offices or committee chairs for reasons of lack of activity or absence and fill such positions by special election or appointment

Chapter Committees

For a chapter to be effective, a network of committed volunteers organized as committees with specific responsibilities should be developed. The number of committees needed will vary by
chapter and its individual needs.

Some possible committees include:

  1. Publicity – promotes chapter activities in the community through news releases, a chapter newsletter or meeting announcement.
  2. Event Planning – works with president-elect and other chairpersons and their committees to plan event, select a site, and so on.
  3. Hospitality – extends welcome to new alumni moving into area and encourages chapter participation. This diverse committee should greet attendees at all events, especially first-time
  4. Membership – informs the National Alumni Association of changes in local membership. Actively works to enlist new members for the local chapter and the National Alumni
    Association. Arranges annual membership drive or hosts membership table at each event.
  5. Fundraising – works with the Alumni Office to organize various activities to raise chapter operating funds and scholarship funds.
  6. Student Recruitment and Parent Support – is chaired by the Alumni Student Recruitment Coordinator who works with the Admissions Office to recruit prospective students from local
    high schools and inform them of the advantages of attending The University of Alabama. This committee should also arrange interaction with parents of currently enrolled students to
    encourage their involvement with the local chapter.
  7. Website and Electronic Communications – Develops and maintains various chapter electronic media, including website, social media and email list.
  8. Scholarship – Assists in the selection of chapter scholarship recipients and encourages support and growth of chapter scholarship endowments through fundraising and chapter activities.
  9. Other Committees – as required by local chapter needs.

The committees listed above are not required; they are merely options. Each chapter should create a committee structure within its bylaws that fits the needs of the chapter and the local
alumni it serves.

The required positions for each chapter are a President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Recruitment Coordinator. The President and Treasurer must
be unrelated parties.

For ideas on additional committees or the most effective committee structure for your chapter, contact the National Alumni Association’s Chapter Development department at