This information should be updated at the beginning of each fiscal year and is required to maintain Active Status.
Forms must be submitted by May 1, 2023.
  • Make your Bank Contact aware that their information was given to the NAA for follow-up.
  • Have them make note that information about the account can be provided to the NAA.
  • Chapters are required to update this Information annually as part of the requirements to be considered an Active Chapter.
  • If necessary, the Chapter should be able to provide bank statements and/or a balance sheet and income statement for the previous fiscal year ending on June 30.
  • Accounts must have at least two people listed on the signature card.
  • The NAA requires two-party signature checks with non-related parties.
  • The NAA strongly recommends having a third individual with access to the bank statements.

By signing below, you agree to hold a semiannual review of chapter bank records with all individuals with signing power and access to bank statements.

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