Alumni chapter volunteers provide field leadership, organize events, raise money, help with National Alumni Association’s scholarship award process, welcome new students to The University of Alabama, and offer many other activities to support the Capstone.

Each chapter of the National Alumni Association (NAA) may choose to focus on some or all of the goals listed below.

  • Cultivate University of Alabama alumni and friends’ continued interest in the University.
  • Connect alumni with one another in your area for social and business relationship building.
  • Provide continuing education/enrichment experiences for alumni and friends, showcasing our
    faculty, administrators and athletic programs.
  • Encourage alumni to become members of the National Alumni Association.
  • Provide scholarships and other support to UA students from the local area, and to encourage
    prospective students to attend the University.
  • Improve your local community through community service.

Running an official Alumni Chapter of the National Alumni Association requires the efforts of multiple board members working together to be truly successful. The following responsibilities are the minimum expectations from NAA for an alumni chapter to maintain active status.

  • Hold officer elections annually or bi-annually. Leadership Board must contain at least 5 members
    (Ex: President, Vice President or President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Student Recruitment
    Coordinator), and all board members must be dues paying members of NAA.
  • Maintain an accurate set of by-laws and file them with the NAA chapter development department.
  • Communicate regularly with membership base, newly interested alumni, your District or Regional
    Vice President and the NAA.
  • Submit required forms annually including Chapter Summary Report, Officer Election Update,
    Financial Information Form, and an updated roster.
  • Hold at least 1 event a year not associated with a game watch party for all alumni in your area.

During approximately the first year of an interest group’s establishment, it is expected that a 3-5 member steering committee will lead the chapter in:

  •  Recruiting at least 50 active alumni members of the chapter (who consistently attend meetings and
    events, volunteer, and/or correspond with the chapter regularly).
  • Serving your community through sponsoring a community service activity.
  • Establishing a scholarship endowment through the NAA, to be completely endowed in five years
    or less.

Interested in starting a chapter? Contact Jim Bob Horn, Director of Alumni Chapter Development, 205/348-1552