Black Alumni Association - A Chapter of The University of Alabama Alumni Association


Greetings Fellow Alumni, Family and Friends,

The last two years have shown what we are capable of building together.  Since 2016, UA Black Alumni Association has been on a mission to focus on our three main initiatives of:

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Scholarship Support
  • Mentoring and Networking

BAA has fostered alumni engagement with activities such as our Signature Homecoming Event “Houndstooth and Heels” that welcomed back and re-engaged hundreds of alumni during UA’s annual homecoming weekend.  The event continues to grow and get better each year.

Scholarship support has grown through giving campaigns.  In 2017, we challenged the NPHC Alumni bases during Homecoming with the “Greek Giving Challenge” which resulted in over $16,000 in donations towards the AAAN Endowed Scholarship Fund.  In 2018-19, we will introduce “The 1963 Campaign” in recognition and celebration of 55 years of inclusion at the Capstone.  UA BAA has also been given the tremendous honor of being the stewards of the Jordan Edwards Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund; endowed by the cast and crew of the Netflix original show “Dear White People” in memory of Jordan Edwards.

In 2017, BAA hosted the first annual “Ready for the Real World” mentoring seminar.  The seminar equipped students with key skills to successfully navigate career fairs, interviews and secure internship and entry-level positions.  The students were able to network and meet mentors in their respective areas of study.  We are excited for the 2018 Ready for the Real World seminar, as we grow and extend the sessions to students at Stillman College.

June 2018, will mark 55 years of inclusion at The University of Alabama.  UA BAA will bring alumni together during the Black Alumni Reunion to celebrate and honor trailblazers as we explore the journey beyond the schoolhouse door.

Over the next two years, the 2018-20 Executive Board will take the organization to the next level with programming that unites, engages, and grows this alumni base to new heights.  As always, I encourage you to become a member, join a committee and be actively engaged.  The association is only as strong as her members and volunteers.  So remember, we are built by BAMA and we are….BAA!!

Thank you and ROLL TIDE!


Derek Cunningham
President, University of Alabama Black Alumni Association




Get Involved

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and hosting all BAA-sponsored alumni engagement activities such as game-viewing parties, A-Day Family Day, and BAA’s Signature Homecoming event “Houndstooth and Heels”.

The Events Committee is currently planning the Black Alumni Reunion which will be held June 22 – 24, 2018.  A celebration of 55 years of inclusion at the Capstone.

If you are interested in serving on the Events Committee or sponsoring an event please contact the Events Committee Chairs, Tundra Thomas-Williams or Tracy Jemison at for more information.

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for fundraising to support scholarships under the stewardship of UA BAA.  Currently, BAA is the steward for the AAAN Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Jordan Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The Scholarship committee is charged with managing giving campaigns such as “the 1963 Campaign” and the “Greek Homecoming Giving Challenge”.

If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship Committee or donating to a scholarship please contact the Scholarship Committee Chairs, Tameka Fuller-Harris and Vanessa Tucker at for more information.

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members.  The committee is also responsible for addressing member needs and concerns while also recognizing members for their accomplishments and contributions as alumni of the University of Alabama.

If you are interested in serving on the Membership Committee please contact the Membership Committee Chairs, Jennifer Turner or Devereux Thompson at for more information.

The Communications Committee is responsible for all BAA marketing and communications to the membership and general public.  BAA Communications is the first and official source for events, fundraising initiatives, and alumni awareness.

If you are interested in serving on the Communications Committee please contact the Communications Chair, Janelle Simon-Payne at for more information.




Active involvement with UA BAA is the driving force of the organization.  The three initiatives of alumni engagement, scholarship support, and mentoring/networking does not happen without your support.  Membership fees support the Ready for the Real World mentoring program, BSU initiatives, and many other activities that foster inclusion.

Dues are as follows:

  • New Graduate Membership: No Charge for the first year after graduation
  • Individual Memberships: $25.00
  • Joint Memberships: $40.00

* In accordance with the bylaws of the University of Alabama National Alumni Association, all local chapter members will also need to have national memberships with NAA. NAA membership will be verified within one month of BAA membership payment.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Priority Access and discounted admission to UA BAA sponsored events.
  • BAA Members that are active NAA members have access to a number of “auto-award” scholarships from NAA for incoming and current UA students.
  • Access to networking and mentoring opportunities with alumni and professionals

Thank you for your consideration and continued support. For more information on becoming an active and engaged member of the UA Black Alumni Family please contact us at



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