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Thomas P. Gohagan and Company

Location: 224 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 220, Chicago, IL 60604Gohagan Logo
Phone: 800-922-3088

Gohagan & Company is the leading preferred provider of international and domestic travel programs to North America’s most prestigious non-profit organizations: museums, college and university alumni associations and cultural institutions. Highly discerning members have come to rely on Gohagan & Company for singular travel programs of the very highest standards to confidently travel the world, in style and comfort.
Since 1984, Gohagan & Company has developed and operated imaginative travel programs that are simply unavailable anywhere else. Gohagan & Company’s programs are designed to appeal to a wide range of participants—from those seeking an ultra-deluxe river cruise or sea voyage to those who yearn for the simplicity of a tranquil week in one of Europe’s many historic villages. We offer up to 60 individual itineraries each year spanning the world’s seven continents.

Go Next LogoGo Next

Location: 8000 West 78th Street, Suite 345 Minneapolis, MN 55439-2538
Phone: 800-842-9023

Go Next is proud of its history and reputation of business leadership, financial strength, and marketing creativity in the travel industry. In 1972, Ronald Weeks, the company’s president, created a business philosophy and direction that has remained unchanged for almost 40 years. As a company, Go Next is dedicated to creating and operating high quality, reasonably priced travel programs based on an understanding of our customers’ expectations and service to them.

Our travel programs are uniquely designed and sold exclusively through established organizations such as professional associations, such as the Alabama Alumni Association. Over the years we have established a strong base of sponsoring organizations as well as thousands of loyal and satisfied repeat travelers.

Our programs feature primarily international destinations. We have traditionally served numerous locations in Europe and Asia, but have expanded our offerings in recent years to include South America, the South Pacific, Alaska, Caribbean and the rivers of the United States.

Alumni Holidays International LogoAlumni Holidays International

Location: 6400 Shafer Court, Rosemont, IL 60018
Phone: 800-323-7373

AHI Travel is the premier operator of deluxe, personalized group travel programs in North America. Based in Rosemont, Illinois, it was founded in 1962 by the Small family, who still owns and runs the company. The first travel company to develop tours exclusively for college and university alumni, AHI serves educated individual travelers and their families, as well as members of alumni associations, professional groups and museums. The company offers river, land and ocean journeys based on itineraries that balance the must-see with the road less traveled and include enough flexibility to accommodate individual preferences. All of AHI’s programs feature a strong educational component and the goal of presenting worry-free travel experiences that foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and natural phenomena by putting travelers in direct touch with local people and cultures.
As AHI Travel celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012, it is proud to have become one of the leading group travel companies in the world by establishing a reputation for excellence in service, quality and value.

Beyond Group Travel Logo

Beyond Group Travel

Location: 9601 Katy Freeway, Suite 375, Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 877-648-1973

We tailor-fit and design your group travel from start to finish. Our approach, forged over 50 years of experience in the travel business, allows us unique competitive advantages in customization to deliver to our clients. Our guarantee is to offer the most seamless travel experience.

TCS Starquest Logo

TCS & STARQUEST Expeditions

Location: 3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 800-454-4149

The World Leader in Private Jet Travel. For more than twenty years, TCS & Starquest Expeditions has operated innovative journeys to legendary places by private jet, with an emphasis on in-depth educational experiences and highly personalized services. We are also committed to enhancing the environmental, social, economic, and educational conditions of the places and people we visit.

In 1991, the world’s first private jet tour operator, TCS Expeditions, was founded by T.C. Swartz and Charlene Brannon, pioneers in the educational travel industry for more than twenty years. In 2003, Starquest Expeditions was created by the same team who wanted to further develop educational private jet programs to include more options that allow travelers to customize their journeys. In all, we have operated more than 200 expeditions to more than 150 destinations around the world.

Our expeditions are moderately active, usually feature multiple destinations, are two to three weeks long, and go around-the-world or are regionally-focused. They are fully staffed with a team of renowned experts in history, art, and other fascinating fields; an expedition physician; an expedition chef; and an experienced and professional tour staff. During our expeditions, our travelers enjoy insider-access, some of the finest accommodations available, and exclusive events featuring traditional entertainment and authentic local cuisine. Our itineraries are flexible so that travelers may tailor their experiences to their own interests. For each destination on every one of our expeditions, we transport supplies to medical clinics or schools, or donate funds to essential services and innovative projects, or support the work of local artisans.  With decades of experience and an incredible wealth of expertise, we know what it takes to go above and beyond expectations.

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Orbridge LogoOrbridge

Location: P.O. Box 10339 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: 866-639-0079

With over 30 years of combined experience, Orbridge represents a new breed of alumni travel with a focus on a few select destinations and intimate departures with top accommodations and small, deluxe ships. All programs are designed with the understanding that education is an essential part of travel, and the itineraries, excursions, staff, local guides, and lectures are all geared to provide guests an in-depth view of a region, ecosystem, or culture.

Our focus is education. Underlying everything we do is education. From lectures, to excursions, to destinations, we believe education is an essential part of travel. If you’re looking to turn your mind off on vacation, we may not be the best fit for you. If you’re looking to be engaged, informed, and perhaps even debated, then you’ll never want a tour with us to end. Our purpose is to bring true understanding of a destination to our guests.  We focus exclusively on designing small, intimate departures for like minded groups. We understand the needs of each group, and tailor our itineraries, accommodations, food, and excursions to those needs. We understand each group is different and have a large degree of flexibility built into our programs to allow for the group’s maximum experience. We concentrate only on destinations where we can offer truly superb experiences. We are experts on these destinations, and can provide the personal service that each group and guest needs. Through our unique itineraries, excursions and local knowledge and resources, our tours will peel back the layers of a regions, showing our passengers a unique view of a region or culture.


Odysseys Unlimited logoOdysseys Unlimited

Phone: 888-370-6765

Odysseys Unlimited is a leader in high quality, affordable small group travel. In the beginning, we created custom-designed tours for some of America’s most prestigious non-profit organizations. Then we put our expertise to work on a wider scale by making our tours available to all travelers, while continuing to serve our client institutions, which now number more than 100. Today we remain committed to developing, marketing, and operating tours of excellent quality at a fair price for both individuals and special interest groups.

The small group experience – just 12 to 24 guests, guaranteed – is at the heart of each Odysseys Unlimited tour. This means our guests are not encumbered by the large numbers found on conventional tours. They have the ability to move about more easily, engage more spontaneously, enjoy more fully. They are able to take advantage of unique intercultural experiences simply not possible with larger groups. They may stay in intimate lodgings that cannot accommodate typical tour groups. And every step of the way, they are accompanied by an experienced, caring, and highly professional tour director.


Adelman Discoveries is a leader for affinity group travel in America. We understand your special needs and have designed our journeys with those Adelman Discoveries Logodesires in mind. Two can travel for the price of one, when compared to other travel companies and enjoy a first class experience.

It is a great time for traveling and exploring the many wonders of the world. These private, one of a kind journeys to fascinating locations will provide you with unique insight, great accommodations, and local cuisine. At each locale, our dedicated staff will pamper you with the discreet, yet attentive, service to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. All of our trips offer an experienced Discovery Program Guide who will be with you throughout your time overseas. Additionally, you will enjoy our handpicked, knowledgeable local guides that will add to the exceptional value added services we offer. Let our friendly team, both here in the United States and around the globe, take care of you from the time you book with us until your return from your journey.



Phone: 800.468.5955
162 Middle Street
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860

Since 1918, Collette has provided unforgettable guided travel experiences. From our humble beginnings leading guided bus tours down the East Coast, to luxurious, all-inclusive explorations of some of the world’s most exotic locations, we create travel adventures you’ll never forget.

Collette offers over 160 guided tours spanning all 7 continents. When you choose to go on a tour with Collette, you know you’ll be embarking on a carefully crafted vacation. We seamlessly handle all the details, so whether you’re traveling along the rolling hills of the Irish countryside, exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica, or standing in awe of Iceland’s natural wonders, we’re right by your side making sure you have the time of your life.