Corporate Matching to the Alabama Alumni Association

Corporate matching gifts are a great way for Alabama alumni, parents and friends to maximize their contribution to the University. Your contribution plus your corporate matching gift will increase the impact of your financial support. Also, your contribution will be recognized on your UA gift record and the Alumni Association’s Annual Donor Recognition Report. By taking advantage of your company’s matching gift potential, you will double or triple the impact of a contribution.

Does my company match gifts to the Alabama Alumni Association?

To find out if your company has a matching gift program, click on the link below:


How do I get my company to match gifts made to the Alabama Alumni Association?

Each company has its own guidelines for employees, spouses, retirees and widows/widowers.

Most corporate procedures are very simple:

  1. Request a Matching Form from your company.
  2. Complete and submit the form to the Alabama Alumni Association.
  3. Alabama will verify the completed form and return it to your company.
  4. The company issues a matching gift contribution to Alabama and we record it on your personal gift record.

For questions about where to submit forms, who to contact or how to make a gift to the Alabama Alumni Association, contact:

ATTN: Matching Gifts
P.O. Box 870101
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487