Student Alumni Association Homepage


Through scholarship, volunteerism, and networking, we as Student Alumni Ambassadors are committed to bridging the gap between past, present, and future students since its founding in 1990.


As student representatives of the University and the National Alumni Association, we seek to aid in cultivating a campus community that fulfills the Capstone Creed; one that acts with fairness, promotes equity and inclusion, and fosters individual and civic responsibility.

Most importantly, we hope to be an indispensable resource to prospective and current students that seek guidance at The University of Alabama.

Our members are given the unique opportunity to represent our university by taking prospective students on private lunches, engaging other students through community service, and networking with alumni at events.


Upcoming events will be added soon!

Executive Board

President: Alexis Bryant
Past President: Maddy Devin
Vice President: Dillon Cook
Secretary: Christian Williams and Clara King
Treasurer: Erin Wiseman
Director of Alumni Relations: Joe Clark
Director of Events and Community Service: Riley Pyron
Director of Communications and Media: Olivia Smith
Director of Diversity and Inclusion: Madison Towner


All members complete an interview process and are judged based on professionalism, personality, past experience and leadership potential. We recruit students that are well rounded and serve as exceptional representatives of our campus.

Once members, students are expected to attend mandatory meetings every other week and earn points by attending events, taking prospective students to lunch and volunteering in the Tuscaloosa community.


How can you be a student and an alumni?
We’re not alumni (yet)! We serve as campus liaisons to the people that came before us and helped shape the campus that we know today.

How big is the time commitment?
We have meetings every other Monday and events throughout the semester. As with any organization, you make what you want out of the experience. The more engaged you are the more you’ll value your time in SAA.

Who can apply?
Our application process is open to all students at the University of Alabama.

When can I apply?
Applications will open fall 2023.