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Congratulations to Larry Johnson, winner of the football autographed by Nick Saban with proceeds going to the Loryn “LO” Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Football auction 2015


The Elmore County BAMA Chapter is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the ongoing support of past, current, future students and fans of The University of Alabama and Fans.  We currently have four endowed scholarships for students residing in Elmore County and the chapter has one new scholarship we are currently raising funds to endow.  The chapter functions as a liaison between alumni, fans, students, residents of Elmore County, and The University of Alabama. 

Our local chapter invites all BAMA fans, supporters, former students and alumni to join our local Elmore County BAMA Chapter of the National Alumni Association.  We have two to three chapter meetings annually with guest speakers from the UA Athletic Department, former players, announcers, recruiting analysts, authors, deans or professors from the various colleges and departments and staff from the NAA.  Join us for a fun time decorating or riding our “float” for the annual Christmas on the Coosa Parade in December, attend viewing parties, learn about available scholarships, the application process and how to have NAA guided campus tours for you and your future BAMA freshman, and even participate in scholarship fund raisers to enable more entering freshmen from Elmore County to attend The University of Alabama.

Become a member of your local chapter by completing the Elmore County Membership Application!

Annual Membership Fees for the Elmore County Chapter are $15 for an Individual Membership and $25 for a Family Membership.

For more information, please contact the Membership Committee Chair at elcobama@gmail.com


Antonio Harrison

Chapter President

Chapter Officers

2016-2017 OFFICERS

Ben Allen, President   ben.lattedah@gmail.com  c-334-207-4040

Antonio Harrison, Vice Pres   harrison615@gmail.com  c-334-467-2650

Debbie Hough, Past Pres,  mhough@elmore.rr.com  h-334 514-0766  c-334-546-0766

Rita Allen, Secretary  ritaallen898@gmail.com  c-334-414-8480

Peggy Burns, Treasurer  peggychuckb@att.net  c-334-301-2634   h-334-285-3558

Charlotte Scanlan, SRC charlotte111265@gmail.com  c-334-313-9980  h-334-285-6186

Karla Quinn, Scholarship Committee krlquinn@aol.com c-334-312-2027 h-334-569-1373

Art Bolin, Membership Committee  abolin@elmore.rr.com c-334-782-4919  h-334-567-3137

Rhonda Baughman, Co-Membership Committee rbaughman@baptistfirst.org c-334425-9426

Jackie Earnest, Co-Communications Committee/Publicity  earnestjh@aol.com c334-799-3556  h-334-285-5463
MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL OR NEW MEMBERSHIPS—See form on Membership Information.

Send check made payable to the Elmore County BAMA Chapter to:
Elmore County BAMA Chapter
ATTN, Peggy Burns, Treasurer
P. O. Box 220065
Deatsville, AL  36022

Scholarship Information

The Elmore County Chapter has awarded over $83,515 in scholarship money to 58 students since 2015.  The chapter began in the fall of 1985 by awarding  $500 each year to nine entering freshman for a total of $4,500.  In 1991, under the leadership of Art Bolin, fund-raising for our first endowed scholarship began.  Since 1992, the Elmore County Chapter Endowed Scholarship has been awarded to 22 students for a total of $27,881.  During the Presidency of Joyce Bolin in 1993, the chapter established the Joe A. Macon, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in memory of Judge Joe and Helen Macon’s son, an Alabama graduate and an attorney in Elmore County,  who lost his battle with cancer.  Since that time, we have awarded 19 more Elmore County students a total of $25,634.  To honor the memory of Loryn Alexandria Brown, who was tragically killed in the tornado that roared through Tuscaloosa on April 21, 2011, the Loryn Alexandria Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 2012 by Ashley and DeWayne Mims and Shannon Brown.  Since 2015, 15 outstanding freshman students have been awarded a total of $24,000.  A second scholarship for Loryn Brown is in the fundraising process.

After their first scholarship honoring Loryn’s memory reached over $100,000 in the corpus amount, Loryn’s family wanted to reach out to even more deserving Elmore County students who wish to pursue their dreams of attending The University of Alabama, by establishing the  Loryn “Lo” Brown  Endowed Scholarship.  

Beginning in 2016, the chapter has  a fourth endowed scholarship to award to Elmore County students, the Karla Rogers Quinn Endowed Scholarship.  As a 1969 graduate of The University of Alabama, a retired high school teacher, a long time member of the NAA and the Elmore County BAMA Chapter, Karla and her husband, James (UA 1970) Quinn, have established a scholarship for entering freshman from Elmore county to follow their dreams of attending the Capstone of Knowledge.  This year the first scholarship was awarded in the amount of $1,500.

BUT WE ARE NOT DONE YET!  We need your help to insure we continue to award more deserving Elmore County students scholarships.  With annual donations to our existing local scholarship funds, along with the matching license tag program, we hope to accomplish our goals and continue to give more students more money each year.   The chapter has a new scholarship that needs your help to reach the $25,000 endowment level by June 2017.



The easiest way to contribute is to go the the NAA  secured on-line website http://alumni.ua.edu/scholarships/contribute-to-alumni-chapter-scholarship/ , find the link “Contribute to an Alumni Chapter Scholarship” and scroll to the Elmore County  Chapter (this is the fund name), click on the scholarship to which you would like to contribute, then complete and submit the giving information.   You will be able to print a receipt that can be used for tax purposes.  Another way to contribute is to write a check to the Alumni Fund putting the name of the scholarship on the memo line and mail to the NAA Endowed Scholarship program, PO Box 861928, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0017.

We encourage you to give to any or all of our local scholarships so the chapter scholarships will benefit from the matching tag money that the National Alumni Association awards to scholarships that have had donations made to them annually by June 15.


Join us for upcoming events!

Check chapter facebook page for updates on local events, Elmore County BAMA Chapter.

ASAP Meetings for parents and prospective BAMA students are being scheduled for September 2016.  Contact Charlotte Scanlan at charlotte11265@gmail.com for more information.

Christmas on the Coosa Parade is December 10, 2016 – downtown Wetumpka, AL

See Elmore County Chapter facebook page for more events and dates.

Scholarship Recipient Banquet – May 1, 2016

Officers for 2016-17 Begin their terms