Premium Speakers

Speaker Honorarium**
Shaun Alexander $10,000
Greg McElroy $5,000
Lee Roy Jordan $5,000
Jermaine Johnson – “Funnymaine $2,000

Current NFL Players

Speaker Honorarium**
AJ McCarron $3,000 – $5,000
Landon Collins $2,500

Saban Era Players

Speaker Honorarium**
John Parker Wilson $750 – $1,000
Javier Arenas $1,500-$2,000
DeMeco Ryans $2,000
Roman Harper $1,500
Antoine Caldwell $1,000
Jake Coker $1,500
Barrett Jones $1,000
Rashad Johnson $1,000
Blake Sims $2,000
Brandon Gibson $300
Baron Huber $300
Corey Reamer $300
Mike Johnson $1,000
Drew Davis $500

Former Players

Speaker Honorarium**
Bobby Humphrey $1,500-$2,500
Jeremiah Castille $1,000-$2,000
Siran Stacy $2,000
Gary Rutledge $400
Tyler Watts $750
Antonio Langham $1,500
Antonio London TBD
Tim Castille $300-$500
Sherman Williams $1,000

Football Dept*

Speaker Honorarium**
Jonathan King – Director of Creative Media $300-$500


Speaker Honorarium**
Chris Stewart $500
Eli Gold $500
Phil Savage $500

Recruiting Analysts/Media

Speaker Honorarium**
Cecil Hurt – Tuscaloosa News $300 – $500
Tim Watts – $500
Tommy Deas – Tuscaloosa News $300
Andrew Bone – $500
Aaron Suttles – Jox 945 $300 – $500

Academic Speakers*

Speaker Honorarium**
Dean Chuck Karr – Engineering No Charge
Dean Shane Sharpe – Honors No Charge
Dean Mark Nelson – Communications No Charge
Dean Tim Hebson – Students No Charge
Robert Hayes – Assistant Dean for Academic Outreach, Continuing Studies $300
Jacqueline Morgan – Associate Dean, Honors
John Wingard – Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences $200
Ryan Missanelli – Assistant Director, Arts & Sciences $200

Athletics Dept*

Speaker Honorarium**
Brad Bohannon – Head Coach, Baseball No Charge
Coach Murphy – Head Coach, Softball No Charge
Coach Duckworth – Head Coach, Gymnastics No Charge
Coach Potter – Head Coach, Women’s Golf No Charge
Coach Seawell – Head Coach, Men’s Golf No Charge
Eddie Conyers – UA Football Practice Official $300
Sarah Patterson – Former Gymnastics Coach $500 – $1,000


Speaker Honorarium**
Ken Gaddy – Bryant Museum Director $300

*Many of these speakers require use of the University plane. Scheduling is dependent upon the speaker’s availability as well as the plane’s availability

**Speaker honorariums may change depending on travel involved. NAA covers all travel expenses for speakers coordinated through our office.

Please note that we are not under contract with any speakers, so there is no guarantee of availability for any of them.

This is a comprehensive list as of now. We are always looking to add speakers so if you have ideas that are not listed, let us know and we will do our best to contact them.